Our New Topic

“Who are the famous characters inside our story books?”

This term our topic is “Who are the famous characters inside our story books?”

When you are sharing books/ reading with your child please ask them about the characters. Who are the characters? Do you like the character? Why/ why not? We will be looking at lots of storybooks and discussing the characters in each one. Each week we will look at a different book and ask different questions for them to solve. After reading the Jolly Postman we will think about what is needed to have a successful party. They will write invitations and letters and find out about the work of the postman. We are going to set up a Post Office outside and take it in turns to sell items. We will mainly use 1p and 10p coins – you could play shops at home and help them to count out amounts.

Oxford Owl – Find a Book

Phonic games / activities see the links on the Home page.

In our maths work we will be doing a lot of work on number bonds. This is the rhyme we will be learning in class:

0 + 10 big fat hen

1 + 9 is just fine

2 + 8 sit up straight

3 + 7 all the way to heaven

4 + 6 it’s a clever mix

5 + 5 do the jive

6 + 4 hit the floor

7 + 3 tap your knee

8 + 2 me and you

9 + 1 is great fun

10 + 0 I’m a number bond hero

Games they can play: http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button


Number recognition and counting games






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