Reflection Day and Pizza Express

Oak Class took part in lots of calm and thoughtful activities during our recent school Prayer and Reflection morning. With a little help from some parents, the children created some superb models from clay and playdoh, and beautifully colourful dragonflies. We listened to some soothing intrumental music during our activites and all felt thoroughly relaxed at the end of our session.

In contrast this week, we had a very exciting class trip to Pizza Express. Everyone put on aprons and hats and followed the instructions how to make a crust on our pizza dough, spread the tomato passata by ‘driving’ our pizza pans and sprinkle on chunks of creamy mozzarella cheese. While the Pizzaiolo cooked our pizzas, we got the opportunity to smell, touch and taste various toppings including olives, red onion, pepperoni and basil.

We had a fantastic trip and learned lots of interesting facts and, best of all, took our pizzas home for tea! A big thank you to Pizza Express in Cirencester for letting us visit.



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